Flexi Clean Help With National Museum of Scotland Refurbishment!!

MDC Flexi Clean Help With National Museum of Scotland Refurbishment

MDC Flexi Clean is happy to announce that the refurbishment of the National Museum of Scotland has been completed!  Our talented staff was heavily involved with the project, cleaning the museum while the refurbishment was being performed.  It was an excellent opportunity for MDC Flexi Clean to show off our expertise by cleaning one of the most beautiful buildings in Scotland!

As it has been well covered by all the media like the Scotsman, BBC, And the national museum.

A Significant Refurbishment of a Beautiful Building

The refurbishment project ran over 5-months and involved the creation of 10 new galleries for the museum.  More than 3,000 objects are going to be displayed in the new galleries, ranging from historic artefacts through to electronic art.

The development coincides with the 150th anniversary of the national museum and is a part of a substantial  £80m overhaul of the Chambers Street building.  This stage of the project restored the original Victorian layout of the building — with a modern twist.  There will be digital labels and interactive electronic exhibits throughout the 10 new galleries.

Some of the tasks that were performed by MDC Flexi Clean in the museum included:

  • Carefully cleaning many glass displays throughout the museum using special equipment and carefully selected cleaning products
  • Cleaning all floors and surfaces throughout the building, ensuring that no dust remained to contaminate the valuable displays
  • Garbage removal

We were hired to clean all 10 galleries — working closely with both the building contractors and museum staff.  It was truly a pleasure to be involved in such a substantial and important task.

About the National Museum of Scotland
The National Museums Scotland was formed in 1985 when the former National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland and The Royal Scottish Museum were amalgamated.  The National Museum of Scotland was formed in 2006 to house many of the antiquities and cultural artefacts that were held by National Museums Scotland.

The National Museum of Scotland building stands on Chamber Street, next to the Royal Museum building.  The collections in the two museums complement each other, encompassing many areas including art, natural history, geology, science, technology, and archaeology.  The number of objects on display is incredible and the museums are an important part of Scotland’s heritage.

The Importance of Keeping Sensitive Environments Clean
Sensitive environments like museums, laboratories, doctor’s offices, hospitals and drug manufacturing facilities must be kept impeccably clean.  In a museum, cleanliness is crucial because dirt and biological hazards can damage the important items on display.

Dust can accumulate very quickly in public spaces where there are hundreds or thousands of visitors each day.  Because dust is hygroscopic, it is capable of drawing in moisture from the air and holding it against the object that it is resting on.  If too much dust accumulates and settles on an item it may lead to corrosion, staining, cracks or mould.

Biological hazards like fungi, mould and bacteria are also very dangerous in a museum.  They are capable of seriously damaging an object in a very short period of time.  To minimise the risk of biological hazards damaging a collection, it is important to maintain a very sterile and hygienic environment.

Why Use MDC Flexi Clean For Cleaning Sensitive Environments?

MDC Flexi Clean has the skills, experience and knowledge to perform the detailed cleaning that is required in sensitive environments like museums.  We use the appropriate cleaning techniques and products to keep museum pieces safe from contamination.  Other reasons to choose MDC Flexi Clean for the cleaning of sensitive environments include:

Uniformed staff
Museums must be highly secure environments because of the many valuable items on display.  Our staff members are security-checked, uniformed and security conscious.

Flexible scheduling

We offer very flexible scheduling, which is ideal for busy museums that have extended opening hours.  Our cleaning services can be performed at a time that is convenient for your museum.

Fully insured, licensed and bonded

Not only are our staff fully trained, they are also fully insured.  Our business is also licensed and bonded with relevant authorities.

Staff who are familiar with sensitive environments

Our staff members are familiar with working in environments like museums and art galleries.  They understand that valuable and delicate items can be found on shelves, hung on the wall or on the floor.  They are adept at safely cleaning around these items and navigating through rooms without touching delicate items.

We use lint-free, static-free cleaning products

Our cleaners use colour-coded microfibre cloths to remove dust and germs without leaving any lint behind.  They are non-abrasive cloths that will not scratch sensitive objects.  We use colour-coded cleaning cloths to remove the possibility of bacterial cross-contamination between areas.

Organic cleaning solutions

We understand the risks associated with chemical use — for both museum visitors and the collection.  Our staff uses organic cleaning solutions to reduce the risk of chemical exposure.

Complete hard floor care

Museums have a significant amount of foot traffic which can cause wear-and-tear on a hard floor.  We provide a full range of hard floor care including stripping, waxing and buffing.

We are a full-service cleaning company
Our staff can perform a variety of cleaning services including detailed bathroom cleaning, window cleaning, rubbish removal, top to bottom dusting and much more.


If you would like to learn more about our museum cleaning services, please contact us today on 0131 551 6567!