Housekeeping Service for Glasgow Hotels and Student Blocks

Many hotels and other accommodation providers require more than just cleaning, but also want to access the benefits of our specialist and highly efficient service. Now MDC FlexiClean is offering a complete housekeeping service in Glasgow and across Scotland that can save you money, ensure the highest standards of service and cleanliness in your business, and free your energies to concentrate on growing your company.

Whether you have a high quality hotel or another form of accommodation that needs not just regular cleaning, but beds making, towels replacing, tea and coffee replenishing and a careful look to ensure everything is right for your next customer, we can help. We can tailor our service to your needs, so you set out the standards required and know they will be met.

We will deal with hiring and vetting staff, arranging sickness and holiday cover, and all other aspects of your housekeeping. When you see our rates, and the quality of service we offer, you’ll wonder why you’ve been worrying about these details yourself!

Save Money By Outsourcing Your Housekeeping

At MDC FlexiClean, we are experts in cleaning and housekeeping. Our staff are trained and know exactly what to do. They will wok to agreed targets and the job will always get done to a high standard. Given our very reasonable rates, this can often represent a significant saving compared to training and supervising housekeeping staff of your own. Let alone the saving on stress and management time.

Safe and Efficient Housekeeping

MDC FlexiClean boasts a long list of accreditations, guaranteeing that we offer the highest of standards of cleaning and housekeeping – not just the minimum ones. We also have high standards for the people we let into your hotel or accommodation facility: All of our staff are security checked, vetted, and insured. You will get designated housekeepers, who will be trained and will attend your premises in uniform. We also cover your regular housekeepers’ holiday and any sickness absences.

At MDC FlexiClean, we offer as standard:

  • Fully trained staff
  • Designated housekeepers
  • Fully insured and uniformed staff
  • All cleaning products and equipment is supplied by us.
  • Holiday & sick cover

If you would like to learn more about our housekeeping services in Glasgow and across Scotland, contact us on 0330 0881292.