Why Choose MDC FlexiClean Services?

  • Delivery

    You can trust MDC FlexiClean to shine in all situations. We adapt to your requirements and we deliver.

  • Experts

    We are also the experts in the use of products that are safe for our environment. Our materials are ethically sourced and are safe for marine life.

  • Understanding

    MDC Flexi Clean’s staff have a deep understanding of the cleaning standards required in commercial environments and public buildings. We have developed this understanding through years of experience, working for a wide range of different businesses in Scotland.

  • contract cleaning

    Our contract cleaning services are available throughout Scotland from our two locations, in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We pride ourselves on providing an efficient, thorough and reliable cleaning service with a great customer service.

  • competitive

    MDC Flex Clean offer very competitive rates for all commercial contract cleaning in Scotland and can customise the cleaning services each client receives. We are passionate about the environment and will aim to use environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible.

MDC holds the following accreditations

  • ISO9001

  • ISO 14001

  • The Safe Contractor Accreditation

  • Member of BICSc.